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The BarAides customizer allows you to create text or monograms or upload your logo that can be printed on the palm side of the grip. For best results upload JPG or PNG images that 300 DPI at a size of 8.5″H x 3″W

* For orders larger than 25 pairs, please use the form below to receive a custom quote on cost. Please allow up to 2 weeks to process your order.

When uploading images for printing on BarAides, you can verify that you own this image, or the use of this image does not violate anyone else’s rights, including copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, privacy or other rights. Terms and Conditions

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How to create a custom BarAide

BarAides are durable, Military-grade hand grips developed specifically for high-intensity workouts, protecting against tears and abrasions. This RX brand of BarAides, includes expandable finger holes (“one size fits most”) and a proprietary polymer core.

BarAides have a uniquely ergonomic design and can be used for everything from pull-ups to rope climbs, Oly lifts, kettlebell work, and more. The polymer core layer is incorporated to improve the tear resistance and overall longevity of the grips, while its flexibility allows athletes to stretch the grip close to its original shape if it gets bunched up during a workout. With the universal finger holes, you can also quickly remove the grip from your fingers, mid-workout, to open up access to the palms. This would be helpful if a pull-up workout is coupled with something like handstand walks, HSPU, or wall balls.

Regular use of BarAides not only protects your hands, but also gains back the gym time you otherwise might have lost due to ripped up skin. This means a more productive, longer lasting workout with potentially greater long-term results.

Custom BarAides Quote

Please fill out the form below for orders larger than 25 in qty. You will be contacted by our sales team on how much your cost will be for the order.
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Dimensions 8.5 x 3 in

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