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“A Scientific Approach to Hand Protection”

The BarAides were created back in 2011 when CrossFit Affiliate Cup Athlete Louisa Mezache needed hand protection for her rigorous training regime.  She started by hand making these for herself (RX+ BarAides Model) so she did not have to make a new set of grips every time she needed hand protection during a workout.

The unique and inventive method took the following into consideration:

  • How can a hand made grip be produced so that the chance of ripping or tearing the grip would be reduced?
  • How can the finger holes be designed to accommodate all finger sizes?
  • How can the finger holes be designed so that the grip can easily be removed if there is a couplet or triplet exercise where bare hands are the optimal approach?

As time progressed (5 years), one of Louisa’s training partners and friends proposed to her the idea “Offer these to everyone in the sport of fitness, I think you are really onto something here and I believe that we can make these even better and mass marketable with a few tweaks to the design.”

The training partner turned business partner incorporated a proprietary polymer core to the design to further reduce the chance of the grips failing during a workout.  As a team, they also developed the “RX” model of the BarAides.  The primary reason this model was developed was to create a hand protection product with the feel of a handmade grip, but with the added manufacturing scale to supply to the masses.

All of this considered, over the course of 5 years of CrossFit experience, The BarAides were born.

Louisa Mezache - Three Time Games Athlete and Proud Creator of The BarAides.
Louisa Mezache - Three Time Games Athlete and Proud Creator of The BarAides.
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